EA stumbles at E3 – Grade C-

EA yet again shows that they have very little to offer the gaming industry aside from it’s sports games every year. Battlefield, one of the largest titles held by E3 brought us a Battlefield V announcement. It looked the same as every other Battlefield I’ve seen in the past. Though the return of destructible terrain was exciting and the new ability to move critical map weapons around to strategic positions to help turn the tide of the battle was cool but over all there was nothing new and exciting brought by one of their biggest titles. Until now…

Battlefield V – Battle Royale. No we didn’t get to see anything about this feature, no game play, nothing but “it is coming.” This was a very disappointing thing to hear for an already depressed and seemingly graveyard of a crowd. Though the announcement got some cheers, over all the lack of substance to the Battle Royale announcement was so far from lack luster, I think the vape tornados I was making on my table would have sparked more excitement from the crowd, it sure entertained me much more.

EA continued with their sports games which my only reaction was “same shit, different year.” EA is of course, the “big boy” when it comes to sports games, and sure there is a massive player base around the World of the FIFA and Madden brands but over all I didn’t see anything to explosive or exciting to come out of the newly announced DLCs or next generation sports games, aside from the clearly inaccurate missed tackle by the Steelers on a Browns Quarterback, seriously, do the makers of these games actually watch real NFL games?

Battlefront 2, yet again apologized for the horrific launch of the game and vowed to players they will continue to work hard to make up for that pathetic money grab of a start, however gave viewers and fans a like nothing. Oh? Clone Wars? yea that was announced with a variety of new characters and new battle fields on a new planet. But seriously if anyone has 2 cents in their brain left you would realize and understand this content is nothing new and it is basically a remake of an older version of the game. This was a chance for “new hope” for a game which has slid down a path to the “dark side” but instead, the small, simple and useless announcement, though it will give us Obi-Won Kenobi, he will not be the only hope this time, in fact I think the hope, or more so the fate of Battlefront II is more of the planet Alderaan.

There was hope though for Star Wars at E3, and that came from a clouded interview with another director from EA who cryptically unveiled the next game the in Star Wars line. We only got a name and a rough time line, which is that it will take place between episode III and IV and it will be about the extinction of the Jedi order. Unfortunately there was no trailer or pomp and circumstance, just an in passing interview and that it won’t be available until the Holiday Season of 2019. Personally based on the rest of the over budgeted trailers and under budgeted game content provided by EA, this may have been a game to save their E3.

Anthem, one of the most anticipated games announced last year at E3 shows up again. An already released trailer started it’s spotlight off followed by a little bit of game play and a panel of project members. We didn’t learn too much about the game in general but the game play and class system looks like EA is attempting to recreate a Destiny game. Many on twitter were seeing the same thing. Though the combo system looks very cool between the classes and the environments in game are absolutely beautiful, the game looks, like Destiny. I feel like the spark that was captured at last years E3 with the announcement of this game, is slowly going out as we get closer and closer to it’s launch.

We have a new Command and Conquer game! No it isn’t on PC, no it isn’t like the other C&C games we loved, no it isn’t what you think. The only exciting part about this announcement was the live shout casted game between 2 pro gamers. These quick 3 minute mobile games revolve around quick resource collection, troop creation out of a single base and controlling the majority of the map while countering your enemy’s troop production to ensure that a centralized nuclear missile fires at your opponent and not you. 2 nukes to win. It doesn’t matter of you have resource collection and use the C&C units, there is minor micro management and no base development. Over all I think this version of C&C took both shots from the nuke. Huge let down from an amazing brand.

The two titles, which got the most pops from the crowd and also the most exciting reactions of Social Media was S.o.S (Sea of Solitude) and Unravel 2. These two titles which their concepts were developed outside the EA World and then brought into the fold were very interesting and fresh, something throughout the EA presentation which was lacking.

Unravel (the original) was a huge hit with fans. The problem solving platforming game where you play Yarny, a little creature who is trying to survive in the harsh World was fun for all ages. Now Yarny has returned with a new friend, enhanced multiplayer \ single player modes which looked absolutely amazing. The ability as a single player not to get hurt by not having a friend to play with and a simple system of control of bother characters but the added bonus of 2 player mode to allow families and friends to solve and adventure together. This game announcement was by far the most complete, which a great emotionally driven trailer, game play sneak peaks and ever live game play on stage. This was a huge win for EA.

Sea of Solitude, though we received no game play, the description of the multiple game play modes based on the players game style was incredible. The concept revolves around loneliness and diving into the thoughts and feelings of some one who is all alone in the World. it was a heart breaking story from the presenter and though all we saw in the back ground was a little boat tied up in a flooded city, the presentation was enough to spark some life back into the crowd and social media, at least for the time being.

Overall Electronic Arts screwed the pooch, yet again. Nothing new and exciting was brought to the table by their major titles, and their smaller titles received all the pops. Aside for an unconfirmed and open promise that their new games like Anthem, Battlefield V would be moving away from the “pay to win” battle chest systems, EA provided viewers and audience members, nothing to be excited about, unless you were a Browns fan and you actually got to see you Quarterback escape a sack and make a throw.


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