Next steps

I never expected to be in a position where my normal 9-5 would be gone. The feeling of a non-consistent pay check but that is where I am. I think many people who have experienced this feeling panic and are scared, understandably so. I have chosen to take this as a positive and new opportunity and adventure in life. I have scheduled a full time stream and YouTube content upload schedule. (Streaming M-F starting at 4pm EST and YouTube 3-5 videos a week). This has given me revenue opportunities while I search for my next “job”.

I feel the trap in these situations is you take what ever job comes your way first, for many this is important to continue to pay bills, but for those like me who have the ability to hold off, I strongly encourage those to take time, look at life at a higher level and find out what it is you want to do, and what will make you most satisfied.


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