Who are your\my “share holders”?

Content creation is not an office or large international business. It is a small group or single person who creates content for fans. Yes, we are seeing content companies like N3rdfusion form who are taking content creation to another level but for the vast majority of us we are a solo business. In business the key metric of success is profit vs loss. Now content creation can be either business or hobby. For the sake of this blog, we will look at it as a business.

Businesses around the World don’t just operate without oversight. The biggest most successful companies have boards and share holders who watch the ups and downs of the business and provide their ideas on what they want to see to push things to success. So how does this work with content creators? Viewers, subscribers, patrons and tippers. These are your share holders. These are the individuals who support you and who drive you to do what you do. But in business the share holders help shape and guide where the business goes. Same with content creation.

Take a minecraft streamer for example. 5-7 days a week 6-10 hours a day. Minecraft, minecraft, mincraft. Viewers stream in, subs start racking up, tips flow and bitties drop. Day after day the mincraft streamer grows and builds a community around minecraft. Then one day, minecraft is boring to the caster. Say they decide to play League of Legends instead. Where there was once 400 viewers, there are now 50. Where there was once subs rolling, tips flowing and bitties dropping, there are now silent waters of profit.

Your share holders are not happy…..

This doesn’t mean the creator was wrong in their changing of pace, but now what was once a living has become, “do i need to go back to a ‘real’ job.” Questions in their mind begin to stir, worrying about their paycheck, crunching numbers and panic sets in.

How can this be avoided?


Just like in business your share holders should feel like their financial investment in you  is being used right. New equipment, rent, bills, food ect. Not every night getting plastered at a bar or buying stupid things. If you are transparent with your fans (share holders) to a certain extent (privacy is still important) to ensure how much their support helps you, it will go along way to tie them from watching your for a game and investing in you as a person.

Keep them in formed.

A business can not go for long periods of time without meeting with their share holders or board of directors. Schedule regular discord meetings where you can sit down with your supporters (the ones who want to be there) and discuss the channel, where you are, how you are feeling, and where you want to go. It can be controlled where everyone is muted but you, but then give time or a space for feedback. Let them tell you how they feel about your direction. You will never please everyone, but you need to ensure you keep the majority happy.

Content is not about you.

There will be days where you are bored of whatever you are doing. If the boredom has set in, you should have made changes before hand. Your community should have been informed of how you feel and been asked for advice on upcoming changes to help keep energy high and content flowing. At the end of the day you are not making content for you, you are making it for others. You are a character, an actor, a entertainer and it is your job to do that, regardless of your personal feelings. Not every Hollywood actor gets rolls they love, but you have to turn on the switch and perform.


So always remember when making content changes keep your audience informed. Maybe through a video, discord, twitter, facebook, a blog or any other of the hundreds of media sites out there. Set up a system to collect feedback from your audience on what they like and don’t like and changes they want to see. Stop thinking what your doing is about you. Your performance in your content should always be focused on your share holders. Never forget them. If you make changes to better yourself, prepare for your share holders to leave if they don’t feel a personal investment in you and what you have to offer.

NEVER build a channel around 1 thing. Unless that one thing is you. Games, topics and content will change, but if your share holders are invest in YOU, they will continue to drive and support you no matter what you are recording \ streaming.



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