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The Central Command Center for the Davrim Gaming Corps.

Davrim is a life long lover of gaming and production. He has worked in entertainment industry since 2003. He has worked with such artists as Alan Parsons, ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, Smash Mouth, REO Speedwagon and many more. Currently Davrim works as an IT Project Manager for Wendy’s.

Davrim streams on and creates YouTube videos. He is a MMORPG content creator for live streams; games including EverQuest and Final Fantasy XIV. He loves to play with viewers and help players through new content. YouTube is dedicated to vlogging, game reviews and anything else which doesn’t fit his live stream content. Often times he talks about politics and his views on the World, his personal struggles with addiction and weight and other real life topics which could provide insight to others who are struggling.

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Please sit back, relax, definately grab a drink and join Davrim on his conquest to conquer the internet!

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